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Thread: What movie did you see today?

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    Black Panther

    Casting Bilbo Baggins as the token white guy was a nice touch.
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    The newest Avengers film. Eh, it was okay. Some entertaining bits, lots of explosions. They telegraphed the end pretty heavily and also telegraphed what the likely resolution will be in the next film. Precious little character development because, let's be honest, it was an enormous cast and most people were just there to be seen.

    I was pretty surprised how cheap-looking the CGI was. Thanos looked, honestly, like Archimonde from Warcraft 3 in terms of sophistication of the animation. There were lots of weird issues with sizing/perspective in his interactions with live action characters, and there were a bunch of other jarring combinations of live action and CGI with other characters. Maybe my standards have gotten too high?

    There were also the usual silly issues with power mismatches and awful tactics. But that's the only way you can make a movie like this work, so I guess I'll just pretend that's okay.

    Worth a watch, but don't assume it's amazing. It was just... functional. Like a well oiled Marvel machine for printing money.
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